I’m a product manager at  Intrinsic, which I co-founded at  Alphabet’s  X  moonshot factory. Our mission is to democratize access to industrial robotics.

Prior to that, I started  BeatBots  with Hideki Kozima, designer of the  Keepon  robot. We created a family of robotic toys & characters, including Zingy, a mascot for  EDF. Other ongoing projects of mine include  Dirty Robot Brew Works and the  Robot Film Festival.

A few things I enjoy: I practice karate with 月影流. • I’m a  PADI  advanced open water diver, a Divers Alert Network member, and a supporter of Sea Forager’s sustainable seafood. • I have a dormant Private Pilot license that I hope to revive some day. • I’m a member of The Long Now Foundation. • Over the years I’ve shifted from motorcycles to bicycles (with a fondness for Rivendell’s), and I love skiing (increasingly in the backcountry) & backpacking.

I was born in Poland, grew up in New York, spent some years in Japan, and live in San Francisco. I studied computer science, psychology, & robotics at Yale (BA’02, MS’03) & Carnegie Mellon (PhD’10). My thesis on rhythmic human-robot social interaction was sponsored by the NSF & Japan’s NICT.

My publications can be found at  Google Scholar, and I occasionally post to  LinkedIn, Medium, or  Mastodon. Please feel free to get in touch.